Shodh Yatri to Myanmar

Myanmar or the ‘Golden Land’ is a superb country and a terrain of welcoming people; it is a territory of millions of pagodas, jam-packed with antique sacred shrines, and diverse inhabitant ethnic groups. Myanmar, previously identified as Burma has been in survival for many eras. It is the leading country in the South-east Asia’s Neck of land that apportions its boundaries with China, India, Bangladesh, Laos and Thailand. More than eighty percent of Myanmar inhabitants comprise Buddhists. However there are Hindus, Christians as well as Muslims and animists (those who believe that innate substances, biological occurrences, and the cosmos itself hold spirits) Yangon (formerly Rangoon) is the biggest city in Myanmar. It is packed with sacred memorials. Overlooking Yangon’s horizon, the Shwedagon Pagoda is Myanmar’s most sanctified religious place. It is covered with compact gold slabs and has a pointer covered with inestimable rubies, diamonds and sapphires. The erection holds the vestiges of four Buddhas; it is said to be more than twenty-five hundred years ancient. With the passage of time, it has been demolished by tremors and had its resources plundered numerous times, only to be reconstructed. Yangon has a huge number of lovely religious memorials and structures, which replicate the diversity of ethnic groups and religious convictions that have constructed this city. Other Hindu and Buddhist temples in Yangon are as follows:

ü   Sule Pagoda :At the very core of city center Yangon, this antique monument  is supposed to  be of age as compared to the Shwedagon Pagoda
ü  Botataung Pagoda: This is one of the most respected memorials in Myanmar. It is said to hold a mane of Buddha.  
ü  Shri Kali Hindu temple: This charming temple has many colors and is positioned at the crook of Konzaydan Street and Anawrahta Road in the Little India of Yangon. It was constructed by Tamil settlers in the course of colonialist periods, and is wrapped from summit to foot with several depictions of Hindu deities.

There are lots of of comparable temples scattered around Yangon. Myanmar----the second major country in South East Asia is worth being visited.