Shodh Yatri is the one who carries out a journey for the pursuit of acquaintance, resourcefulness and novelties at the origins. Shodh Yatra is an effort, shared out by  an NGO known as SRISTI-------The Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions.  Its aims and objectives are to move forward to the most distant parts of the country with a steady trust that the adversity and tasks of natural environs are major stimuli of resourcefulness and novelties. 

Ratchaanachak Thai (Empire of Thailand) is the authorized title of Thailand. It is a charming country with a very splendid culture. The assortment of traditional, dialectal beliefs and diverse past are chief aspects of the Thailand. The Thailand culture acquired shape from an exclusive blend of Indian civilizations and native components concerning cultural communication with India. It is generally supposed that India added its religious conviction to Thailand from antique era. In the course of the pre-Buddhist era, veneration of lineages used to be the usual drill. It is thought-provoking to distinguish that Buddhism detained the primeval conviction of animism with predecessor veneration in Thailand. The conviction in phi or spirits is still prevalent in Thai culture. An unblemished representation of approaching of Buddhism in Thailand begins from the period of Mauryan King Asoka. The Buddhist Theras Sona and Uttara came to Suvarnabhumi with its headquarters at Nakon Pathom in Thailand to proliferate Buddhism. The agreement between Indian civilizations and Thai Buddhism could be largely distributed into two groups: one functional in the royalty and the other existent in communal system, civilizations, arts etc. The primordial Monarchs of Thailand went along Buddhism in their daily lives; however, they unrelentingly consented to the Dharmasastras, perception of sovereignty and brahmanical sacraments in their majestic court rituals. The Thai Sovereigns favorably related the notion of Hindu cosmology--------the science of the origin and development of the Universe.
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