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My school makes me feel special.
yeah. my school makes me feel special as i get to learn so much through experiments and research. i get to meet my friends and there are so many events assemblies functions etc. there we have so many duties we are responsible for. we have our food and play during the recess. we have our sports day, MUN , sciece fair, debate, inter school programmes, intra school programmes etc. we get up early and when we reach school we pray and do yoga. then our teacher assigns us our duties for the school also donates money to an NGO and does not hold any profit for itself. we also have a carnival and the proceeds of which go to the NGO. i m really so haopy to be in this school.

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           yeah my school really makes me fell special because my school has its own specialty like a good quality of education and good physical exercise and even sports. my school teaches a child how to be an good person in the society. our school teaches us to gain knowledge not to learn and by heart all the things. the school in which I learn all the students are taught to be dignified and to give respect to any one who you know to or not even know. 
                 the school in which I study the students would be taught that school is a good platform to show your talents and it would of course  encourage you. our school teaches us to find out the hero in your self by your self we should depend on any one who could help you. we should stand on our own feet so that we can face any problem in future. the school in which I study teachers are really unique and they teach in their own style which every student would like the teaching method of that teacher.  
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