Yes it is true that true frnds are very precious like diamonds because now a days we don't find the most. they really care about us , never feel jealous , never have competition , they love to be with us . ya false frnds r like autumn leaves found everywhere who fall off the tree because they doesn't know the meaning of frnd ship .  
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yeah all the friends are precious like diamond. once we loose then they never come back in your/ my life. the friends would help you in all the aspects. they develop us in studies they can help us in the studies. I say that the friends are really good to us and they are a part of your/my life. the friends are really playing a very important and a good role in our lives. friends are not like the autumn leaves, good friends are really rear and special for us. the friends will be with us forever they will not leave us any more in our life time. the friends will not leave you until the other person leaves him/her.

hope so it is useful......................^_^  !!!
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