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 first of all as it is informal letter so, you will right it's format after that, u start by asking your father about his health conditions & your mother's health condition like(i hope you are in good health father.i want to write a letter to u from many days but my first terminal exams were going on at that time but, now my exams had finished, my vacations had been started so i wish to go to country side with my friend. as  all my other classmates are also going  to the countryside. i want to take permission from u that shall i go to country side with my friend. as, these are hot summer days so it's the good place to relax and enjoy &spend time with my other classmates also as this is our last year  together in year we will miss these days spend together  with our close friends. so, i hope you will understand my feelings,and allow  me to go with my friends.give my love to mom& bro.              Thanking you       Your's loving son   rest u can right ur name
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what do u mean by yes!Rolo
by yes i mean YES
ok, i understood:)
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