Please give me opinions about these statements or essay of these statements.
this is a life skill activity i feel good about myself when i make good choice. i disciplined person. i avoid rules and regulations. i show self confident by doing the things that are right. i feel good about my self when i make good choice.

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Yes, I feel good when I make good choices. Because good choices make me feel very happy and statisfied I really feel happy that I have taken an good step. I am a very disciplined person. I hate being untidy. Discipline makes me feel good. I finish my work on time. Postponing things also leads to laziness which I hate a lot self discipline is to some extend is a substitute for motivation. No, I don't avoid rules and regulations. Rules and regulations are the part of the life which we all have to follow. Following the rules and regulations also leads to self discipline which is very Nesscary in our life. Without rules and regulations there will be no discipline. Not following them may also be wrong. I follow rules and regulations which are very in my life. Yes, I feel self confident when I do things correct. My heart tells me that you have taken an correct step. I also feel self confident by doing things right. Being self confident also gives new hopes in my life.
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I feel good about myself when i make good choices. a sort of self respect is developed in me . and i feel very happy. good choices always makes us a respectful person. i am a disciplined person . discipline is one of the cornerstone to living a succesful and fulfilling life , people respect us and we can enjoy a most rewarding and satisfying life. i never avoid rules and  regulations . i always  obey them throughout my life. without rules and regulations there  would  be  utter chaos . yes i show self confidence  by doing things that are right . doing things right  that are good for organisation as well as for people will also make us a respectful  person
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