U like computer engineering so u can fill firrst option as computer engineering and rather u can choose automobile engineering 
and others if u want.
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but there are many choices
u like computer engineering na so just fill first option as computerengi neering
that basis up on u r intrest dude do whatever u want tooo donot gooo with ehat others say it is only their perception they say about
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If you are opting for Polytechnic Diploma, there are several courses available.

Diploma in Computer Science: Where you would be dealing more towards the coding and scripting of the architecture and more deeply you would need to learn more about database storage.

Diploma in Electronics&Communication: it would me more detailed study about antenna, GSM network optical fibre transmission. Mainly related to transfer of communications and networking

Diploma in civil: it would be more dealing with the designing of any architecture. (here you need to have a drawing skills)

Diploma in automobile: deals with vehicle engineering, that is how a vehicle runs and its combustion

Diploma in mechanical: deals with mainly the turbines and combustion of the heavy engines, also hydraulics and its working and much more.

It would mainly depend on your interest which you would wish to choose since all the streams may take you to a different direction.

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Let me know, if you need the description on any particular stream or course
i know abt those but i need at diploma in Tool and die
That's also a good area, but I guess you can opt for mechanical in this case,since there are more scopes in automated-dyes using cnc machinesand there are several courses which you can study from outside like cad cam\