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Cotton textile industry in Ahmedabad
1.       It is also known as ‘Manchester of India’
2.       The textile industry flourished in Ahmedabad mainly because of the proximity to the cotton growing regions.
3.       The flat topography and easy availability of land facilitated in the establishment of the mills
4.       Skilled as well as semi-skilled labor is found in abundance from the thickly populated states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.
5.       Several textile mills have been closed down due to the emergence of new textile centers in the country.

Cotton textile industry in Osaka
1.       It is also known as ‘Manchester of Japan’
2.       The textile industry at Osaka depends totally upon the materials imported from Egypt, China and USA.
3.       The extensively plain land around Osaka helped in the growth of cotton mills.
4.       Labor is easily available in and around Osaka.
5.       The cotton textile industry of Osaka has been replaced by industries such as iron and steel, Shipbuilding, machinery, automobiles, electrical equipment and cement.

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