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homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but has a different meaning, and may differ in spelling.
1.    The principal is in the office. (head of school)
        He is a man of principles. (rules)
2.    She ran towards the shore bare foot. (not  covered)
       The polar bears are dwindling in number every year. (animal)
3.    No, you may not enter the class.
       She probably knows why Jack is crying.
4.    He was so tired that he ate his dinner at 6 PM and went off to sleep.
       I have eight pencils in my box.
5.    All students were standing in the rows of ten.
       She gave a rose to her teacher on Teacher’s Day.
6.    Wait here while I check the elephant’s weight.
7.    These two boys are too weak to be able to carry this table outside.