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Natural resources can be conserved by the three-R-method.  
Reduce: Reduce the amount of natural resources used by you  
A particular method of conservation (reducing consumption, recycling or reusing) is more suitable for a particular natural resource.     For example, Petroleum and coal cannot be reused or recycled. Hence, reducing the consumption of petroleum and diesel is the only way in which these resources can be conserved.

Recycle: Recycle the recyclable waste materials  
Aluminium products are regularly used for wrapping food items and making soft drink cans etc. After using these products, we usually tend to throw them away as waste. This causes a huge loss of aluminium. It is a recyclable resource and hence, we must contribute towards therecycling of aluminium products by not throwing them away as waste materials. Similarly, paper is also recycled. Therefore, we should try and use recycled paper.

: Use a product several times
Jams and pickles are often packed in plastic bottles. Once these bottles are empty, we can use them for storing small things in our kitchens. This is an example of reusing materials. The reusing of these materials is advantageous as it does not involve any expenditure, unlike in the case of recycling of waste materials.

Refuse: Say no to products that you don't need    
We should say no to the products that we do not need and can harm our environment. For example, polythene bags for carrying goods etc.