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a. Tourism industry has substantially grown over a period time, being one of the main sources of earning foreign exchange and bringing about growth and prosperity.
b. However, in the midst of attracting more tourists and glorifying our rich heritage, places, the industry has been inflicting permanent damage to the environment.
c. It has led to increased commercialization of places, altering the very land form of the areas.
d. Unprecedented construction, deforestation to meet the growing needs of the tourism industry has disrupted the balance of nature.
e. Unregulated entry of people to some eco sensitive areas further imposes danger.
f. Unplanned and unregulated developmental activities effect the environment.
g. Hunting for pleasure by the tourists affects the bio diversity.
h. Dumping of wastes, like bottles, polythene bags by the tourists in lakes, rivers causes water pollution.
i. Serene, pristine surroundings of many hill stations in HP, in Uttarakhand have been converted into dumping grounds.