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-our elders bring us up, tend for us, groom us and pass on traditions to us
-when our parents and grandparents grow old, they need special care
-old age brings loneliness, sometimes due to death of friends and partner; sometimes due to neglect
-old people also suffer from physical illness
-they cannot work any longer due to retirement age or their condition; may need financial support
 -government must provide special schemes for senior citizens
 -families need to support them emotionally, physically and financially
  -friendship with them to fight their solitude
 -special medical care to be given
 -they are invaluable to society and to each family
 - old age homes are a good alternative for those who have no family
 - they offer company with people of one's own age, medical facilities and recreation activities are also provided
- but, there is no place like home and the best care can be provided by family members