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Bee keeping (Apiculture) Bee keeping is an agro based enterprise, which farmers can take up for additional income generation. Honey bees convert nectar of flowers into honey and store them in the combs of the hive. Collection of honey from the forests has been in existence for a long time. The growing market potential for honey and its products has resulted in bee keeping emerging as a viable enterprise. Honey and wax are the two economically important products of bee keeping.
Advantages of beekeeping as an income generation activity
1. Bee keeping requires less time, money and infrastructure investments
2. Honey and beeswax can be produced from an area of little agricultural value
3.The Honey bee does not compete for resources with any other agricultural enterprise.
4. Beekeeping has positive ecological consequences.
5. Bees play an important role in the pollination of many flowering plants, thus increasing the yield of certain crops such as sunflower and various fruits.
6. Honey is a delicious and highly nutritious food.
7. By the traditional method of honey hunting many wild colonies of bees are destroyed. This can be prevented by raising bees in boxes and producing honey at home.
8. Beekeeping can be initiated by individuals or groups
9. The market potential for honey and wax is high