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Hope these points help you to write an essay on Gender inequality, in your own writing style. Providing some salient points around which you can develop the essay.

>define: what do you mean by gender inequality? the act of giving more privilege to one gender over other. Eg. Female members of the family not having same right to education.

>mention the various kinds of gender inequality--the discrimination faced by the weaker gender,or,women, in the household, in education and the workplace. 

>where is gender inequality more rampant? in the city or the villages?
>what does our constitution say about gender equality? State Article 15(i)...which mentions that the state will not discriminate against anyone based on gender, among other things.    
>How does gender inequality harm the society? – causes disparity between the two genders in terms of economic status, education level, professional growth etc.    
>mention ways to remove gender inequality from the society. Do keep in mind gender equality and female empowerment are different.