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Poverty is one of the biggest problems not in only in India but throughout the world. Some of the principal causes of poverty are provided below;

(i)    Population: Population is one of the major factors. Population growth is faster than the growth in national income, resulting in the decrease of per capita income.

(ii)    Agricultural Productivity: Our agricultural productivity is stagnant, and we have not seen the major jump in productivity during the last one-two decade. However, we require more agricultural produce to feed our nation. The lower production and high demand increase the prices of food items.

(iii)    Climatic Factors: Frequent weather conditions such as rain, flood, cyclone, etc. also damage the agriculture badly. The absence or excess of rain is one of the major reasons in India for reduced agricultural output.

(iv)    Lack of Employment Opportunities in Rural Ares: Sometimes a weak labor doesn’t want to leave his or her village and also don’t get sufficient job opportunities near his or her village.