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There are some ways to promote your product. The promotion of any product depends on advertising, personal selling, Sale promotion, publicity and packing.

Advertising : Advertisement is the best way to promote any product. The product’s brand awareness is one of  the most important objectives of advertisement. One have to find the most suitable place to advertising. This could be TV Channel, Newspaper or any other places.

Personal Selling: Personal selling is the way to know the customer’s reaction about your product. Also being able to solve their queries regarding your product.

Sale Promotion: This is the option by which one can give gifts or discount offers with your product. This will attract customers which will help the product’s promotion. This is a short term promotion.

Publicity: Gaining customer visibility is publicity of a product. PR is the strategic management function that offers an association some assistance with communicating, set up and keep up correspondence with people in general.

Packing: An attractive packing is also a very good way to attract customers for your product. If a person gets attracted your products promotion will be very good. 
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