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Julius Caesar:

Julius Caesar, Roman general and Senator, and military strategists, returned to Rome after successful military campaigns. Brutus feels that Caesar may become a dictator of Roman Republic, however, there is no such effort from Caesar. A major problem with him is that he is unable to separate his private and public life and flows towards the increasing idolization and idealization of his image.

Mark Antony:

Antony, the one-time friend of Caesar, did conspiracy for Caesar’s death. However, at the funeral of Caesar, he persuaded the people of Rome to withdrawn support for Brutus. He got some success in his endeavor.

A faithful believer in Republic government, Brutus always fears that one day Caesar may acquire the republic and become a dictator. This fear of Brutus has given an opportunity to his enemies to misguide him into the fact that for preserving the republic, Caesar must die. Brutus started believing that Caesar’s death is good for Rome.


An acquaintance of Caesar and a general, Cassius dislike the praise and godlike respect for Caesar in the eyes of people of Rome. He slowly started Brutus to believe that Caesar must die. He provided forged letter on behalf of Romans supporting death of Caesar, to Brutus. He became successful in achieving his target.


She was the third and last wife of Caesar. She had a dream that Caesar’s statue was like a blood fountain, where many Romans come and wash their hands. She warned Caesar not to go to Capitol, and virtually beg his life from his as she thought something may happen to Caesar.