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You can design your articles on few points, which are being provided below;

•    As we all are aware that the population in our country is growing very fast. However, the employment opportunities are not increasing that fast.

•    People in our country need employment, and even a small self-employment opportunity can provide jobs to many people.

•    There are enough opportunities for self-employment in small scale industries and depending on your qualification and experience; you can choose the right area and business for you.

•    Chalk out a complete business plan, including the capital required for land and machinery, the product or services you are going to provide, manpower requirement, etc. You must keep an idea of expected profit you will likely to make.
•    The government is encouraging the idea of self-employment and for starting your business, you can get the loan from banks on easy terms.

•    With careful planning of your business and with proper resource management you can succeed in your self-employment business.