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Each one of us lacks today the ethical and moral value we should have. In our past; we have heard many stories from our parents and grandparents.  The characters have high moral and ethical values in these stories. These stories were aimed to provide us the ethical and moral values. But, now we see a continuous falling trend in moral values in our new generations. The value based education is need of the hour, and it will strengthen our relations with our families, neighbors and society will benefit with it. Here are few benefits pointed out as follows;

•    Value based education provides knowledge of the importance of self-respect, and a self-respected person will keep himself or herself away from any immoral and illegal activity.

•    Value based education at very young stage will, which will help in the all-round development of the child; whether it is physical, or mental.

•    The most significant benefit of it is, it helps in building the character of a child. I think it is the character, which plays a critical role in society.

•    Education is necessarily required, and not only it helps us in achieving our goal but we are also able to differentiate yourself from others, and it helps us in understanding our cultural and social measures.
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