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Palampur, an imaginary village, has good infrastructure and including connected roads, excellent irrigation facility, primary health centre, high school and primary schools. No urban area comes under the territory under of Palampur.

75 percentage of the people here are engaged in agriculture, which is the primary source of earning here. High yielding crops, seeds of wheat and rice and especially green revolution have contributed to the growth. Remaining 25% people are engaged in non-farming activities such as selling dairy products to the neighboring villages.

Some of the major differences between a rural and urban area are provided below;

•    In the rural area, the majority of people will be engaged in primary activities such as farming, fishing for their livelihood. However, the majority of people in urban areas will be involved in secondary activities including production and manufacturing, marketing, services, etc.
•    Rural areas will lack infrastructure and heavy industries; however, urban areas will have excellent infrastructure, industries and other avenues that provide jobs to a large number of people.