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Bassanio was a friend of antonio . antonio and bassanio were so good friends as they could do many things for each other.....they were like brothers...bassanio was in love with portia ...... she won the casket mystery.....and he was a kind hearted person..
Bassanio was the bosom friend of the main protagonist Antonio.He asked for Antonio's help when he wanted to marry Portia and could not do so the reason being
he was not so successful financially.He impressed Portia upon their visit and chose the right given casket from the three i.e. Gold,Silver,Bronze.He chose Bronze/lead casket and got married.He came to know that due to him his friend Antonio had gotten into a serious trouble and set out immediately to help him.he gave the required money to the man,Shylock and agreed to give him more if Antonio was spared.
It seems that he was devoted to Antonio and was ready to offer his life for the sake of his friend.he has been described as the third most important person after Antonio and Shylock.