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Examples of excalamatory sentences:
1. wow! what a beautiful ring.
2. oh! land sakes!the kid fell of the stairs
3. yippee ! we won the match.
4. oh no! i lost the game.
5. wow! u are looking so pretty.
6. oh my god! look at that place.
7. ohh! look harry styles!
8. hey! i am so happy!
9. god! oh god! help me!
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1. oh! when did you come?
2. alas! the fly went in spider's den.! what a beautiful scarf.
4.hey! how are you?
5.what! how is it possible?! this is delicious
7.really! you will mark my answer best on brainly? (funny and yeah pls do mark it best)
8.seriously! you won a prize.
9.what! i am not her caretaker! she marked me best on brainly.(funny again and yeah pls do mark it best)

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