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Bring a couple of bricks of 3 X 6 mono-crystalline solar cells. It takes a total of 36 of these type solar cells wired in series to make a panel. Each cell produces about 1/2 Volt. 36 in series would give about 18 volts which would be good for charging 12 volt batteries This type of solar cell is as thin as paper and as brittle and fragile as glass.    

Build a solar panel:
1.    Build a shallow box.
2.    Make the box shallow so the sides wouldn't shade the solar cells when the sun comes at an angle from the sides.
3.    Next cut two pieces of Masonite peg-board to fit inside the wells. These pieces of peg-board will be the substrates that each sub-panel will be built on.
4.    To protect the solar cells from the weather, the panel will have a Plexiglass in front