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Virtual games are becoming reality and with 3D and latest computer technology, users can gain experience and enjoy playing many games sitting in front of his or her computer. These games are most popular among younger generation, and I have personally seen kids enjoying playing cricket, hockey, football and many other games on cricket. I enjoy car racing and try to win the game but rarely succeed. Have you seen someone playing chess online?

Actually in these virtual games, both way data transfer takes place and with the help of software plans, the computer software analyze the data you have entered and according automatically, you get a response.

The virtual games are not only popular in young kids; the technology is employed by many professional organizations for learning. Railway used virtual classroom for training their drivers. The newly recruited drivers are asked to run the train with the help of computer simulator and recording and analyzing the data help in improving their driving skill.  Similarly there are simulators for pilots where they improve their skill on a computer.