Q.1. Name the type of asexual reproduction observed in Hydra.Draw diagrams to support your answer. Q.2. What is a hermaphrodite animal? Give one example. Q.3. List any two advantages and disadvantages of cloning. Q.4. Describe two environmental conditions that is necessary forsuccessful external fertilization in frogs. Q.5. Differentiate between the reproductive pattern in a hen andhuman being .Q.6. Although most mammals give birth to young ones, thereare some that lay eggs. What are they known as? Give examplesof such mammals. Q.7. Describe the method of asexual reproduction in animals.HOTS:1. An organism does not die if it cannot reproduce. Thenwhy is reproduction considered to be an important lifeprocess? Give two reasons.2. Fish and frogs lay hundreds of eggs at a time, whereasa hen lays only one egg at a time. Explain themechanism behind it.




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The type of reproduction in hydra is budding in which a small outgrowth called bud is formed on the side of its body.
2) hermaphrodite are the animals which have both parents male as well as female.