We should conserve trees because it gives us oxygen and oxygen is very essential need for a human being without oxygen humans can't live. trees provide us so many medicines and fruits so we should save trees.

it is not justified to cut trees because cutting of trees cause so many problems. Cutting down trees has been proven to contribute to the following: 1) Global warming
2) Desertification 
3) Destroying animal habitats 
4) Soil erosion.

we should save trees because it is god gifted thing which is very essential in our daily life it provide us oxygen,fruits,medicines etc so we have to plant trees as much as possible. Tress are also very helpful for environment so if we plant trees we are able to save our environment. 

we also know that the shortage of trees effect the ozone layer of our environment through which UV rays directly effect our environment and human life so we have to plant trees to heel the hole of ozone layer. we also make aware towards the deforestation and global worming both are harmful for planet human being and as well as environment also. so at last i wanted to say that we have to plant trees as much as possible.