R.K. Narayan list of books he worked begins with Swami and Friends in 1935. The Bachelor of Arts (1937), The Dark Room (1938), The English Teacher (1945), The Financial Expert (1952), The Guide (1958), The Man-Eater of Malgudi (1961), The Vendor of Sweets (1967), Malgudi Days (1982), and The Grandmother's Tale (1993). He also wrote a number of short stories Lawley Road (1956), A Horse and Two Goats (1970)
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Here are some of the works of r k narayan
1.The grandmother's tale and selected stories
2.The Dark Room
3.The Abduction of Sita
4.The Guide
5.The Man-Eater of Malgudi
6.Under the Banyan Tree and Other Stories
7.The Vendor of Sweets
8.The Painter of Signs
9.My Days
10.Talkative Man
11.Malgudi days
12.Gods, demons, and others
13.A Tiger for Malgudi
14.Mr. Sampath - The Printer of Malgudi
15.The Mahabharata
16.Emerald Route
17.A Writer's Nightmare
18.Waiting for the Mahatma
19.The World of Nagaraj
20.The Financial Expert
21.Bachelor of Arts
22.The Emerald Route
23.Swami and Friends
24.Reluctant Guru
25.Next Sunday
26.A Horse and Two Goats and Other Stories
27.My Dateless Diary
28.The Dark Room
29.Grandmother's Tale
30.The English Teacher
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