Tree are our best friends. they inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen for us so that we can survive. they are a home to many animals. trees also act as a shelter to many plants. they give us wood, many kinds of medicines, fruits, vegetables etc. they are also used in manufacturing paper. they make the world look green and beautiful. they are important for eco- balance on earth. trees prevent soil erosion and floods. we should not cut trees as it would be dangerous for us all. we should plant a tree on our birthday every year as a hope to greenery.hence, Save trees to save our lives.

Trees are our best friends.they ask nothing at all in return of the valuable things like oxygen,food,wood for furniture and making paper and etc.....
we must love trees back for all they provide us.....
so in order to show our love towards trees we must plant more trees...
"some one's sitting in a shade today because someone planted a seed long time ago" 
"time spent amongst trees is never a waste time"