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First you should think about what is science really is
than start magazine name science , science in physics any one which comes in you mind
than start magazine telling about science and give neccesary information about the topic what going to write make a section for quetion or quiries and give colourful pictures and bold writing.

hope it helps you

First think about what is interesting in science collect enough topics then matter and pics about them . desine a cover page related withthe topics u choose then the magzines name . write beatifully and try to high light important things . add interesting scince quiz, mcq , gussing games, etc. manage every page of ur magzine beutifuully and make it look attractive and full of pics and matter . amazement should be in ur magzine . at last u should add a authors page and in that describe ur expirience of making the magzine .
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hope this will help
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