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Source of Energy:
The source from which vitality, for example, warmth, light and power is gotten are known as wellspring of vitality. 

How long the energy source lasts:
The vitality sources which are renewable will never be depleted as they are being framed at the same rate as they are utilized as sun, wind vitality and so forth while the wellspring of vitality which are non renewable will get depleted following a couple of years since it takes several years for their era. Like coal, petroleum and so on. 

Comparisn between Contrast Biomass and Hydro-electricity as the source of water:
Biomass is the vitality got from stays of living organisma, for example, dry leaves, rural waste, wood shavings and so forth and creature excreta, for example, dairy animals compost. It is a renewable wellspring of vitality. The gadgets utilized for using bio mass can be introduced at all spots. The utilization of bio mass delivers a ton of smoke. It is utilized for cooking, enlightenment and so on. Hydroelectricity is creating by the potential vitality of water at tallness. It is likewise a renewable wellspring of vitality. It requires development of dams in streams and its plants can be fabricated just at few spots. It requires an immense venture yet it is without contamination. the power delivered can be utilized to run a wide range of electric machines.
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