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AIDS is a fast spreading , incurable disease. It is a serious health problem that threatens the entire human population.
It was first noticed in USA in 1981.
It is a disorder of immune system. It is caused by Retro -Virus HIV.
This virus weakens the human body's immune system ,i. e. self defence mechanism.
AIDS is transmitted only by a contact of infected cells containing blood of patient with the blood of a healthy person.
The various means through which it can be spread are as follows :-
- unprotected sexual intercourse.
-use of contaminated needles ,razors .
-Organ transplant
-mother to baby due to rupturing of blood vessels at the time of birth.
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AIDS stands for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. You all have noticed that HIV-AIDS is always written together. This is because HIV is a virus which causes AIDS. It stands for Human Immuno Virus. This virus spreads through sexual contact or by using used tattoo needles, razors, wires used for piercing.( in such cases it spreads when these things in common are used.) So you should prefer using different things or objects as PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. If HIV enters one's body then the immune system weakens and the person is not able to feel strong. So always keep a proper care of yourself as today AIDS has no treatment.
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