the story starts like this is :
I have been walking on an railway compartment. this compartment was really quiet and clam it was not like other compartments which I have seen before, and even there was only an old lady and an young guy sitting side of her. the old lady was also quite but the young guy was listening the songs in his phone. his phone was really wearied and even different kind. I just sat in front of these people. then suddenly there was an announcement that the train in I was traveling would not go any where any more. so I was getting down the train but these both did not get down I was only seeing them but they did not have any motion in them. I said to them please go out this train wont move any where but they said in an very loud and cruel way we are going to be here only until the train moves any where else. I was a bit muzzy and I was getting down the train means the young guy said wait there it self and he kept his hand in to his pocket and he threw something towards me. I did not see it carefully and keenly because I did not out on my spectaculars on. so the thing was dashing towards my leg and it hit my feet and then I observed it that it was a knife. the knife just went in to my feet and my feet was paining like hell so I just could not even mange to put a feet to go out and escape from there but it was literally impossible for me to move out of the train. so I could not do any thing and at last I just crawled and pulled my self out of the train. I really don't understand why that guy threw a knife on me and the pain on my feet is not yet gone :(

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That man was searching a woman and driving for 4 hours by knowing that he will find her soon. There were only three words on his lips that where is she? When he met her last time, he only saw her and the one thing he knows about her is she lives in Lancer Street. What was her name? He doesn’t know. He was driving rashly in order to find her as soon as possible. He also knows that she is very shy. Perhaps she will not meet him, but in his heart, he was hoping for the best. At last, he reached a s