I can help you with the main points.
(Intro)They have always said,"The pen is mightier than the sword". We have always heard this phrase,but have we given a second thought?(continue,if possible)
(Body) Truth is,no. But lets now. Education is still absent in many dark corners of our country. Illiteracy prevails. How can we allow all this to happen? We know, the only way to ultimately evolve from a 'developing country' to a 'developed country' is by spreading the grace of knowledge and virtue. Providing education,to everyone,will be worth it, because everyone will know the meaning the meaning of 'being rationale' and protest against social prejudices like child marriage,dowry, female infanticide,and what not.

(Conclusion)Let's help them. Let's help those who suffer miserably and cry silently.
Let us bring light, to eliminate the everlasting darkness.

I hope it helps! I wrote myself,with a lot of thought,seriously!