I hope u know the format i will help you with what you have to write as content... Dear diary, Today was my first day at school.i was really nervous to enter a new new class where i had nvr meet many of that students. What else coukd go qrong on
Actually i hadnt finushed it but acidently pressed rong button i ill ontinue the etry
What else could go wrong .. first of all i was really late andall others were laughing.i felt nervous nd ashamed but my class tr tried t calm me and warned m not  to oe lte again 
Think about ur first day a school this was my first at school experience which i ight nvr forget or u try to let r imagination fly off....
Srry about all te splling mistakes
(the date of the date which your writing)                              (time)                  
today is my first day of my school. I had changed my school from the previous school because of some reason. I had entered the class and I sat in the last bench at a corner. so with me there are other old students also who were sitting by me. they were having fun cracking jokes, so one of the guy with them said lets take me in their gang. so they said their names to me and even I introduced myself to them. so from that time we were good friends and we had a great time after that. they showed me all the class rooms in their school and even showed the ground and the pool their. the school was very vast, I even did not think that the school would be so big. but I had lot of fun and I cant forget this day.

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