deforestation it is majorly done for the need and the greed of the human beings  human are using the natural resources than that of their use. the forests are cut down so that there would be place for the people to stay and trees for making furniture. the deforestation should be limited I don't say that it should be stopped because the trees are needed by us for many reasons. the deforestation is done by the people like the industrialist for their industry purpose .

                       the trees are really useful for us but the people are using them more and more for their greed and need . the deforestation should be controlled or else it would really take to a bad situation which you and I cannot imagine. and this would lead to a really worse situation where all the people cannot live. 
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Some other points are:
Causes of deforestation:
• Deforestation can be done to expand more urban area.
• For cattle grazing, forests are also destroyed.
• For firewood, trees are cut down.
Results of deforestation:
• Floods
• Water cycle disturbance 
• Drought
• Soil erosion
• Global warming
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