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Anne Frank, second daughter of Otto Frank and Edith Frank, was born in Frankfurt, Germany in the year 1929. She uses to enjoy Frankfurt and after Nazi had come to power; she moved with her family to Holland in 1933. 

Nazi-occupied Holland in the year 1940, and the family was also subjected to follow the rules for German Jews; they were in curfew and forced to wear the yellow star.

 He gave an autograph book on Anne’s 13th birthday and Anne started to write it in her diary. On July, her sister got a notice from Jewish Emigration and asked to relocate to a work camp. Next day, on 6th July 1942, they went into hiding.

The Annex was a hiding place specially prepared and their friend supported them by bringing food and other items here from time to time. She recorded here everything in her died and almost stayed here for three years. In 1945, she died of typhoid.