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Well Bro , Here's The Guide -
-->Read Your Chaps. Thoroughly .. Don't Rot Learn Answers. Understand The Question And Then Answer. One Benefit Of Langs. Is That Even If Your Answer Is Exam Isn't Same As The Teacher Gave You , But If It's Related To The Question , You Get Your Marks.
-->Read & Write Your Theory Everyday. Read The Answers. Then Solve The Same Sums Without Looking At The Answers :)
-->Read & Write Everything That Your Professor Gave You As Notes. (Yes EVERYTHING)
4)Social Science
-->Repeat The Same Step As Science. But Learn Maps & Historical Timelines too :)

Follow These And You May Expect Good Marks.
BTW All The Best :D
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Dont be nervous. consentrate on ur studies . dont cram the ans understand it so if u forget the ans in examination hall u have understood it sk u can write it in ur own words. create a time table for different subjects. and study according to ur tmetable . take rests between studies. to freshup ur mind and eat healthy food n drink lots of water
all thebest for ur tests hope my tips help u