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Here are some of the formats you can use for various writings or for your speech.

Report Writing Format:

Your Title should come on the top line and it should be followed y your name in second line. You should start new line with your complete designation and in next line, provide the date.
You should now write few paragraphs or few pages of your report. If your report covers a number of pages, you need to conclude your report within one or two paragraph at the end of your report.

Article Writing Format:

In article writing format also, you top line will be the title that will be followed by your name on the second line.

Your article will run into few paragraphs and in the first paragraph, you should give the brief description and last paragraph should conclude your article.

Diary Entry:

In addition to the date and time on the first and second line of your Diary, you will cover your thought in the body which will end with your name.

Speech Writing;

Your speech begins with good morning/evening, etc. and ends with thank you. Before completing your speech, you should conclude your speech.