Things which are equal to the same thing are also equal to one another.
If equals be added to equals, the wholes are equal.
If equals be subtracted from equals, the remainders are equal.
Things which coincide with one another are equal to one another.
The whole is greater than the part.
To draw a straight line from any point to any point.
To produce a finite straight line continuously in a straight line.
To describe a circle with any center and distance.
That all right angles are equal to one another.
That if a straight line falling on two straight lines makes the interior angles on the same side less than two right angles, the straight lines, if produced indefinitely, will meet on that side on which the angles are less that two right angles.
Euclidean Geometry Is Also Known As The Modern Definition Of Geomtry.
It Comes In Handy At Most Time Of Inventors, Builders Or Even Creators.
For Example :
3 Non-Collinear Lines Pass Through A Plane.
This Is Applies On The Camera Stands / Tripod Stands.
If They Were To Be In A Straight Line. Would They Be Standing Firm?
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