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It is the most readily available and free source of energy.The amount of solar energy received at Earth's surface per hour is far greater than the energy consumed by the world each year.Heat from sun can be used in solar heating devices such as solar cookers,and solar water heaters.Sunlight can be converted into electricity using solar cells.
Devices are used in variety of purposes like in Box type solar cooker, Solar water heater,Solar cells.
save fuel and do not cause pollution and environment friendly.
the cost of equipment is the only investment as solar energy is free.
Nutrients are preserved in food as it is cooked slowly and using solar power.
A large surface area is needed to collect   the solar energy which may cause inconvenience in populated cities.
Not effective at cloudy weather and where intense sunlight is not readily available.
Requires 3-4 hours to get cooked.The direction of the reflector has to be adjusted to the face of sun.