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William Shakespeare, an English playwright, actor, and poet was born to John Shakespeare, a tradesman and Mary Arden, daughter of a farmer. It 's hard to say about his early life; however his plays were in theaters during 1590- 1592. He married when he was 18, to 26 years old Anne Hathaway in the year 1582 and has three children. Meanwhile, he started writing narrative poems and sonnets and established himself as a playwright and author.

In the year 1954, Lord Chamberlain’s Men, most popular acting company in London offered the share of the company to Shakespeare, and he became the shareholder and remained as a loyal member of the group for all of his life. On King James advice in the year 1603, the Chamberlain’s Men was renamed as Jing’s Men. During this period of 1603 to 1611, Shakespeare wrote excellent pieces of plays including King Lear, Antony, and Cleopatra, Macbeth. William Shakespeare died in the year 1616 with a rich legacy behind him in the form of 38 plays and a couple of narrative poem and 154 sonnets.