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My ambition in my life is to become an engineer . because everytime i look at the fascinating buildings my heart beats . i wanna know the technique behind these all .the big drawings they make are really wonderful. today most of the engineers are loosers the people say who take engineering they are fools they say i want to prove this wrong i wanna show the world that engineering also is valuable .i wanna built the beautiful buildings ever in india more than in foreign countries. 
the ambition in my life is becoming an engineer. it is my life dream to become and engineer and built the buildings and I would built a house for me with a really built a structure which us really unique and cool. it is my passion to become an engineer many of my family members and my cousins are even engineers. so , even I want to become an engineer. and even I would like to become an mechanical engineer and I would then build my dream car. the engineering would really change my life like anything. the passion of mine would really may bright up my life.