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Materials Req: A box, Metal foil, glass pane, screws and some sketching skills :P
Step I: Get a box (metallic, cardboard or wooden)
Step II: (Optional) Sketch  Graphics on the exterior of that box ( so that it'll look nice)
Step III:Cover the interior of the box with metalic foil ( uniformly! )
Step IV: Get the glass pane and some screws and fit that glass pane on the top side of that box.
Step V: Use it !
Hint: You can use some mirrors to direct more sun radiation in the cooking zone :P 
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1_Take a tin can 2_paint it black from inside and outside 3_ take a mirror accordingly its shape. 4_ put mirror on it. 5_ take a glass fill it with water keep it in solar cooker. and keep it in sunlight you will observe that water becomes hot