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The process of digestion- first we eat the food and chew it in our mouth. it mixes with saliva and the breaking down of food or digestion starts here. then the chewed food moves down the oesophagus or food pipe due to peristalsis movement. it enters the stomach. here the food is mixed with hydrochloric acid which maxes the food acidic so that enzymes can work upon that. it also kills the germs present in food. then from there it moves down to small intestine where all the digestion is done and their enzymes so all the work.them the digested food is absorbed by the villi and the undigested food moves to large intestine. here the absorption of water and salt occurs and the rest are moved to be excreted to the anus.
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In human body digestion starts from mouth and continues through stomach intestines and ends in anus and rectum.