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Math phobia relates to a type of anxiety or apprehension associated with the performance in math, and while designing your essay, you can include the following points.

•    It is only a fear, and it has no relation to the intelligence
•    It is the negative attitude that can result in poor performance
•    There is a misconception or belief that a gifted person can perform well in mathematics
•    Students start getting math phobia in schools and a part of it, they inherit from their teachers who have similar anxieties.
•    Many math teachers are incompetent in teaching various parts such as algebra, trigonometry, geometry, etc.
•    Math is the only subject where you have right and wrong answers at the end, and if your answer is wrong, you don’t get credit for it.
•    There are some solutions to these including proper guiding of the student at home especially when the child is at the early learning stage.
•    Allowing different approaches can also be beneficial for coming out of phobia
•    Stress of children should be minimized
•    Other learning tools and student’s participation in evaluation can help the student from the phobia.