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The main evil of school is exams . all does have a fear of examinations even if they are class test or annual. because of these exams students have  a lot  of stress mentally and also physically . sometimes we don't understand the topics or sums we give a lot of  strain to our brain . our head starts acheing  . we also think that oue frnds may get good marks we take alot of tension. we don't sleep well at nights till 12:00 clock we study.and the next mrng get up at 5:00 clock am . some children take too much tension this usually happens during boards some go mentally challenged. children get too much tired because of these exams
exam stress is really common for every person in their life. the stress would be really hard to over come it, we should have support of our family members and even friends to over come this problems. as per every on feels that exams are devils that is true every one feels the same. the exams actually create all the types of feeling like angriness, anxieties and even sad feeling. the exams are really a devil for all the students like me and of course you also. the exams are really going tough day by day. the level of examination increases when our level of  class also increases. the exams would not be easy as we think sometime it would even just become tough and hard that we think. the exam fear would been seen commonly in students od high school and even because of this stress they even wont be intersected in all other activities also which is really a sad thing for a student :(
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