I think i just can't live without my family especially my mom . families are the greatest relations. i can't be far of mu mom even a single day she is the most lovely and caring person in the world according to me. if we get hurt or smthng happen bad to me her day goes very bad thinking about me . she never hit me not even a single time. she loves me from the depth of her heart as i do. i just cn't live without her i will miss her affection, scoldings , shouting n all. she is angel. i even can't live without my grandma n my bro they are like mu two eyes i like my grandma's laugh my bro shouting .
The love and support I give and receive is what makes my world go around. They make my heart sing. I would die for any one of them. I will live enjoying and appreciating their presence, feeling honored we are together on this journey. My feelings are the same for friends although not as intense.the one thing i cant live without is my family 
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