12 December,2015                                                                                              10:00 am
                  today when i was on my way to school.i heard a very loud sound coming out through speakers . a lot of smoke came out of vehicles and i started coughing.then i thought that pollution is increasing too much in India. which is effecting our health. to decrease pollution we have to not play loud music close doors and operate mixi, grinders. the dirt in water , that water is consumed by villagers n animals. 
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                   today I was actually going out to my aunt house. I could see the industries while we were going to her house. the industries were throwing all the wastes out in to the river flowing near by it. they were even throwing solid wastes in to it and some were only dumped in to the ground. the gaseous state wastes were released in to the atmosphere. while I was seeing this situation I was just thinking about the increasing pollution day by day.
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