Jail authorities used to call him ‘The Break’ because Evans was good at, among many other things, breaking prisons. Having been brought to the Oxford prison, Evans soon knew breaking was going to be all time difficult because the governor of the prison was as unbreakable as his assistants like officer Jackson.So Evans had to take a long route out of the prison. He convinced the Governor that he was interested in learning German for a job. Though the Governor did not trust Evans, a tutor was brought for Evans. Evans befriended the tutor. Using the tutor as a mediator, Evans contacted his friends and made the most tricky plan the Governor could ever have thought of.After six months the tutor announced that his student was ready to take an O’level exam. The exam was arranged. One of Evans’ friends impersonated the invigilator and reached the prison to invigilate the exam. During the exam Evans dressed himself as the invigilator. The exam is over after two hours. Officer Stephens led the invigilator out. On his return to Evans’ cell, Stephens found that the ‘invigilator’ was still inside, beaten and bleeding. Everyone believed that it was Evans who had escaped. A search for Evans ensued. The wounded invigilator (Evans) offered to assist the police to find ‘Evans.’ Finally Evans escaped from the search officer and consequently, from the Governor.