It would be really tough time if you are caught in between the mid ocean. Let us assume that you both have a boat and mostly all the boat consist of the navigation tool. You can certainly use the navigation tool and start driving the boat towards the land area.

Also, if you can see the steamers or any other boats which are quite far away from you, you can certainly take the pain to reach till them and escape from the ocean.
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There was a storm raging, the ship was not in control . We both were alone on a ship together for an adventure. We thought that we would sink suddenly we got lost in the rain. Sometime later i opened my eyes and woke up my friend.We were on a lonely island one was to be seen. A few days passed and after having some apples for lunch my friend caught sight of a deserted boat. The boat seemed to be okay so we set sail.We thought that it was gods gift and it was not much time that we had thanked god and the boat started to sink a very big water animal was in front of us. We floated and a shore came. We realised it was our home as our mothers were woried for us and waiting for us we joyfully hugged them and always remembered this experience of ours.
                                                   THE END
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